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✨Here we have a wonderful review from our beloved client Debbie, mentioning our glue (link in bio😉)! We want to share more details about it because it truly is one of the most important aspects of our industry ✨


Eyelash extension uses professional high-end techniques to have individual eyelashes stay longer than 2-4 weeks. 


Since our natural lashes are made up of keratin and are not smooth like plastic, just like our hair, attaching false eyelashes to non-smooth keratin eyelashes requires great skill.


To maintain this quality, we have continually researched and updated our techniques — including our glue! Most will think the application of smooth plastic eyelashes on real nonsmooth eyelashes requires stronger glue. However, we have found out that to increase adhesion, soft glues are the best and it also helps the lashes to stay on longer. Which is why we made our own adhesive with a stronger grip. 


We made our glue to be extra mild to minimize any chance of damaging your eyes. Because it is a soft glue it has a stronger adherence that lasts for a long time.

The link to the product will be in our linktree on our bio :))